Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Amateur Boxing - A How-To Guide Pt.2

I am doing a 3-part instructional on the preparation and planning needed for competing in amateur boxing over at  The Art of Manliness.  Part 1 looked at selecting a gym and coach, and some of the positive and negative aspects of the different gym types.  Part 2 looks at the training environment, sparring etiquette and the like.

As you progress, sparring becomes more and more intense.  Mismatches are often amended with a handicap, where a bigger fighter will take a bit off of his punches, or a more experienced fighter will let his opponent dictate the pace.  More even match-ups, with both guys of similar weight and experience, will resemble a full-contact fight.  There are some notable differences of course, such as the larger gloves.  Also, if a guy gets noticeably rocked by a hard shot or barrage of punches, etiquette usually demands avoiding going in for the kill, unlike in an actual fight.

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