Friday, December 30, 2011

2011: A Year in Photos

I'm missing some pictures of the Holidays that my Brother took, so this may get updated depending on what year he forwards them.

Arizona Sunset
Bryan getting smoked at Chess
Devil Squirrel
Desert Sunset
Joshua Tree
Moab Arch
On the path
Por Que Ranch
Man, I don't even drink wine...
Hey, how about yet another sunset picture...
How artsy...
Waterfall - Chantry Flats
You go in first....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Wrap-Up

This was a lot easier to do last year when I was posting more regularly, and therefore had a historical record of what I did.  This year I am going mostly on memory, which is foggy at the best of times.

I spent the first part of the year in Hong Kong, where I signed a contract with the first (read, only) client for my sales consulting business.  I wrote a little about the delicious and lively food here.

I turned 30.  My Mom and I ran a half-marathon in Palm Springs to "celebrate."

Apparently I just wrote about stuff in my head in March, so I had to go back to the facebook archives to see what was going on back then.  Apparently, I moved into my new place in Pasadena. 

According to facebook, Jasmin and I went to Ciclavia, which is a semi-regular event in Los Angeles, where they close down a big part of the city streets and let everyone ride their bikes through.  There are food trucks, art shows, and impromptu concerts.  I know that I also did a bunch of trail hiking in the San Gabriel mountains.  I found a bunch of lizards there.  Bryan and I made a coconut, walnut and coffee soap.  Facing a dearth of boxing gyms in my new city, I joined a Muay Thai club and promptly got my nose busted.

I incorporated my company.  Close friends celebrated Ari's birthday with tequila.  I think there was food there as well.

Back to Hong Kong, where I spent almost a month.  Had my first experiment with Chinese medicine, where a few needles and bamboo cups healed my kinked neck.  Witnessed an amazing thunder and lightning storm from my hotel room across the Hong Kong harbor.

Hanley and Jen moved down to LA from SF.  The alliance was joined.  The peasants rejoiced.
Jasmin and I spent 4 days in Sonoma County along the Russian River.  We went wine-tasting, ate good food, and lounged along the river.

Hiked Mt. Baldy with a good group of friends.  I needed it.
I saw Baukaw training at Sityodtong.  Beast.

My brother, Bryan moved out of the house to join his love in Denver.  I made Habanero Tequila.  Jasmin and I checked out the Huntington Library gardens.  They have big cacti.

John and I went on a road trip through Utah and Arizona.  Utah makes shitty beer.  They have awesome canyons though.
I joined an adult kickball league in Hollywood to meet more people. 

Did a full-moon hike to Echo Mountain with a group.  Later found out that the area is haunted.  I survived.

Hurricane-force winds came through Pasadena, knocking down power lines, my neighbor's upstairs deck, and huge trees.  Slept through it, but was without internet for 4-5 days. 
Attended the Abner Mares vs. Joseph Agbeko rematch in Anaheim, courtesy of Ari's hook-ups.
Had a great time on a pub-crawl in Venice Beach for a friend's birthday.
Caught up with some friends from College that I hadn't seen in close to a decade.
Had a great Christmas with family and friends in Palm Desert, and then joined my parents in Malibu, where they are spending a few days at the beach.  Jumped in the ocean for the annual Polar Bear Club. 
Jasmin bought tickets for us to see a performance about Fela Kuti on New Year's.