Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caffeine Courage

I've been getting yelled at for not posting.  In truth, I have been wanting to, but I'm having trouble getting started.  It could be something of a "holy shit, I'm almost 30 and the wisdomz haven't kicked in yet" panic attack, or maybe I'm just having my monthly. 

In any case, I just made a smoothie of vanilla protein powder, strong coffee and heavy whipping cream as the base, and I'm feeling the caffeine buzz.  I figure that I'll just start writing, reconcile myself to the fact that this whole thing will probably suck, but maybe it will at least get me moving in the direction of maintaining this poor, neglected blog again.  By the way, don't knock the aforementioned concoction until you have tried it.  Delicious.

I spent the first few weeks of the new year in Hong Kong.  I joined a new company based out of Hong Kong and southern China, and we spent a lot of time making plans and plots and visiting factories.  We dined at a lot of restuarants where you get to pick which pet you will eat.  It's best to name them BEFORE you pick them out.  Just sayin'.


Lyle & Speed Bump

Creepy, Crawlie, Ugly...

Flipper, Moby Dick, Flounder, Nemo...

Since then, I have read a few books that have blown my mind.  I read Chalmers Johnson's "Dismantling the Empire," recommended to me by Gaijin Ass.  This encouraged my belief that our Country is circling the drain.  "Into the Buzzsaw" just solidified that belief.  If you think that we have freedom of the press in the U.S., please pick that one up and give it a careful read.

I turn 30 next month.  I'm not so upset by it.  I just thought that I would have my shit together by then.  You know, like...know some things, be sure of what I want out of life, have a solid opinion on social & political issues, have come up with a cure for cancer...just the basics really. 

So. How have you been?