Thursday, January 27, 2011

Caffeine Courage

I've been getting yelled at for not posting.  In truth, I have been wanting to, but I'm having trouble getting started.  It could be something of a "holy shit, I'm almost 30 and the wisdomz haven't kicked in yet" panic attack, or maybe I'm just having my monthly. 

In any case, I just made a smoothie of vanilla protein powder, strong coffee and heavy whipping cream as the base, and I'm feeling the caffeine buzz.  I figure that I'll just start writing, reconcile myself to the fact that this whole thing will probably suck, but maybe it will at least get me moving in the direction of maintaining this poor, neglected blog again.  By the way, don't knock the aforementioned concoction until you have tried it.  Delicious.

I spent the first few weeks of the new year in Hong Kong.  I joined a new company based out of Hong Kong and southern China, and we spent a lot of time making plans and plots and visiting factories.  We dined at a lot of restuarants where you get to pick which pet you will eat.  It's best to name them BEFORE you pick them out.  Just sayin'.


Lyle & Speed Bump

Creepy, Crawlie, Ugly...

Flipper, Moby Dick, Flounder, Nemo...

Since then, I have read a few books that have blown my mind.  I read Chalmers Johnson's "Dismantling the Empire," recommended to me by Gaijin Ass.  This encouraged my belief that our Country is circling the drain.  "Into the Buzzsaw" just solidified that belief.  If you think that we have freedom of the press in the U.S., please pick that one up and give it a careful read.

I turn 30 next month.  I'm not so upset by it.  I just thought that I would have my shit together by then.  You know, like...know some things, be sure of what I want out of life, have a solid opinion on social & political issues, have come up with a cure for cancer...just the basics really. 

So. How have you been?


Allison said...

I turn 27 in a few months and even though it's not a big age...I feel like I'm still stuck in a rut.

I don't think I'd have the stomach for a restaurant like that.

Anonymous said...

I'd eat Fup but all that fat might not do good things for your cholesterol, old man. Don't worry, you and I will live forever. Me on anger, you should figure that out.

Venom said...

Everybody thinks turning 30 will be such a big deal - until they turn 30 and realize it's only a NUMBER.
Guess what? One day you're 29 and sexy and fit and strong and successful and confident --- and the next day you are 30 and you are STILL sexy and fit and strong and successful and confident.

One of the best things about turning 30 is that, suddenly, all the elders in your life will include you as one of them, take you seriously, at last.

Yeah, they knew you were smart and talented, but even in your late twenties they still semi-saw you as just a kid.

30 is a milestone, but it's a GOOD milestone.
Don't let any of those paranoid, fear-mongering twenty-somethings tell you different.


Les Champs Elysees said...

That reptile looks pretty tasty man... Good to see you back on the blog.

Hope all is well.

Michelle... said...

So cool, I am envious of your travels1

I'm a bit behind you, but yeah I kind of though I'd have more shit figured out by now as well. I mean my parents both had been through graduate school and gotten married and were working in labs by now. So it goes. Life seems short, but I think it's actually pretty long and there's so much to do. No need to have it all figured out so early in life. (I say this, but struggle to convince myself of it every day).

Sean said...

Fup! that's awesome

Trouble.Thinks said...

Lyle & Speed Bump were so cute, how dare you eat them!!! ;) I hope you at least did so in a humane manner - not like the sleddog massacre up here in the great white north. I'm turning 30 next month too & still don't have my shit it's reassuring to know this is "normal"!!!

BARNES said...

Turning 30 and all the following numerals after that is an absolutely terrifying life step in Japan....for women. HA!

Sad but true. However, being a man over 30 in Japan is actually when people BEGIN to take you seriously. It is the time you are supposed to stop chasing all the girls and start really figuring out what your heading is so that in your late 30's and 40's and 50's you can be successful.

If you feel as though you don't quite have your act together yet at 30 then you feel exactly how you should. That uneasiness will likely help you focus and drive even harder toward the acquisition of knowledge and the pursuit of your goals.

I have nothing but the highest expectations for your my friend!

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