Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Resolutions & Goals

  1. I will not buy any more books in 2012
  2. I will write in my journal every day
  3. I will eat breakfast every morning
  4. I will only check investments once a day
  1. I will buy an investment (rental) property
  2. I will pay off all non-mortgage debt
  3. I will earn $350 of dividend income
  4. I will run at least one race (and actually take it seriously)
  5. I will compete in at least one Muay Thai or Western Boxing event
  6. I will break a 5 minute mile
  7. I will add one new client every quarter (averaged out is fine)
  8. I will get a 2nd job
  9. I will disconnect the cable TV
  10. I will meditate (any type) 3x a week
  11. I will write 45 blog posts
Things that I want to learn about
  1. Peak Oil & Dwindling Natural Resources
  2. Permaculture
  3. Urban Farming
  4. Stoic & earlier Greek Philosophy
  5. Mixology (bartending)
  6. The Civil Rights Movement
  7. Real Estate
General Activities

Drink more water, eat less sugar, eat more fish, eat more veggies, eat less red meat, spend less time online, try new things, paint more, walk or bike everywhere within 5 miles, be less judgemental, disconnect from the 24 hour news cycle, clean as I go, dance, brew beer, make soap, get our of comfort zones, stop being complacent with martial arts training, be more social, check in with Bryan weekly on progress


Venom said...

Holy Rugged-Man...
That is some comprehensive, awe-inspiring, ambitious list of resolutions.

At first read I thought, "Holy shit, people actually still torture themselves with lists like this?"

Second thought, "What kind of lazy POS am I that I only have one thing on my 2012 list?"

Final thought, "Rugged-Man, he one crazy mofo."

Happy New Year, ya crazy mofo.

Anonymous said...

Holy Robin shit, Batman

Anonymous said...

BAllsy to put it out there and that's good.
I've given a fair amount of thought to these sorts of things as well but I still can't lock down precisely what and why/how.

Should have it all squared away by the 9th I think.

Looking forward to your writing this year.

B said...

You have a great list here! Here's hoping you accomplish them all!

BNL said...

Only check investments once a day?!? What did you do in 2011? Man, I'd go crazy if I looked at my investments more than twice a month.

Lots of impressive goals there. I especially like the 5-minute mile goal. In my prime a few years ago, I ran a 5:37 - but I was mostly training for marathons. I've thought about setting a goal for a 5-minute mile now that I don't have time for all the long distance running. What's your best time right now?

Martin said...

Venom - Happy New Year to you!

Gaijinass - the 9th has come and gone. So whats on deck for 2012?

B- Thank you!

BNL - investment-wise in 2011, I checked stocks constantly, worried, fretted, bought and sold too frequently, etc.

I ran a 5:09 when I was 20. I am 30 now, and it has been a while since I timed myself. I ran somewhere around 5:40 a few years ago. I think the 4:59 pace is definitely doable if I start adding in some intervals at the track and work on more speed work than just the LSD runs.

Anonymous said...

And to answer your Question I boiled it way down. Just two concepts.

1"Less think, more do."

2"Push your Limits."

Martin said...

Gaijin Ass - I like this. Keep me posted.

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