Monday, July 12, 2010

Bears (maybe), Whiskey and Rihanna

As Linda mentioned a few minutes ago on G-Chat, my posts lately have been a bit "somber."  I think she meant "depressing," but she is too polite to say so.  I guess she has a point, so it is with some pleasure that I announce that I have an adventure a'brewing.  Two days hence, I and my outlaw brigade will set out from the urban streets of Los Angeles to wage bloody war on the mountain crags and dark forests of Kings Canyon National Park.

We will leave the noise, stress and chaos of the city for the sweet silence of the California high country.  We are well-equipped with flasks filled to the brim with medium-grade whiskey, obnoxiously large knives that we will have no use for, hearts full of grit, and motivated (strangely) by the soundtrack of Rihanna's "Hey Mr. DJ." 

I don't want to go too much in detail, as I am sure that I will be writing a trip recap afterward, but suffice to say, there is one 12,000 foot pass on the first day, and plenty of 13,000 and 14,000 foot peaks in the vicinity of our base camp.  We will almost assuredly see a few marmots, and I am really hoping for a bear-free trip.  Bears scare me.  Fortunately, I am armed with Ally's "I love bears" good-luck t-shirt.  I believe this will keep me safe.  Sadly, she has not made an "I love Mountain Lions" shirt, and this worries me.

In any case, I need to pack all of this stuff from my living room floor to my backpack, but I has a procrastination.  Besides, I'm not leaving for another whole day or two.  I will get in touch upon our safe return.  



Allison said...

Did you buy that t-shirt? That is awesome. Maybe she'll see this and make a mountain lions shirt just for you.

Good luck on your trek!

linda said...

i see a journal! what does martin write about when he's off hiking?

you aren't depressing but i am pretty polite.
and modest too.

- linda

Juliana said...

don't you dare come back without a bear encounter. i will demote you to one-dimensional friend status. hmpf.

Lissa said...

Have fuuuuun! :D And there'd better be pictures! :P

Hansoul Kim said...

"there is one 12,000 foot pass on the first day, and plenty of 13,000 and 14,000 foot peaks in the vicinity of our base camp"...and one thursday sunset. welcome back, mountain man!

Hansoul Kim said...
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Cheryl said...

What does a Mountain Lion look like?
Stop ignoring me on gchat.

MaeDecember said...

hello! Mae here. So, you're one of our beloved followers on Chocolate for Aphrodite, and I have taken it upon myself to personally write each one and let them know that I'm changing the address of the blog. One of my girls had a cyberstalker so I can't make a public announcement. I really love my project and hope that it continues to grow somehow, not to mention i loved your input on it aaand you gotta love a fellow Devil Makes Three if you'd like to keep following us do so here:

..and you can delete this comment if you'd like. I just needed to let you know. :)