Monday, August 9, 2010

Go Slow

Several times a day over the last few weeks, I have unconsciously stopped what I was doing just to sit and think.

The fact is, I am inspired.  I am also happy.  The books that I am reading, the ideas that I am thinking, the dreams that I am dreaming, how I am spending my time, what I am choosing to go without, all of it reflects an optimism...a positivity that is new to me.

I am pleased with my progress, and I see the potential for further improvements without being in a rush to get there.  I am taking things slower, not rushing through an enjoyable activity just to get to the next item on my to-do list.  When I talk to someone in person or on the phone, I am present.  I do not multi-task, splitting my attention between the conversation and the TV or computer or any other shiny distraction.

Every day, I am reminding myself to move slow and make sure that I enjoy the ride.


Allison said...

Good stuff! I wish I had the will power to withdraw a bit and slow down.

jen said...

I love the moments that, all of a sudden, it just hits you that you're happy! Keep enjoying it!

citygal said...

I need to learn how to do this. I am always busy and anxious because of it. I even have trouble sleeping b/c I worry about all the shit I have to do! Good for you for taking it slow!

Trouble.Thinks said...

Ahhh this is the life...

Anonymous said...

That's so cute how you thought you were good at multi-tasking! SLOW is definitely more your speed...

Claire Kiefer said...

Found you through 20 something bloggers and love this post. It's such an important reminder . . . I teach high school, babysit, overcommit socially, work on extra volunteer projects, etc. and it's so hard to remember to just BE sometimes. Thanks for this. :)

Following your blog now--eager to see what's to come.

Gaijinass said...

I have about 40 books on my spartan little shelf and speaking honestly: I couldnt GIVE these away. They are all tattered, yellowed and covered in post its, pages highlighted and tagged with my filthy scribblings inside all the covers, in margins and occasionally directly across the page itself.
In addition to that, I have about ten spiral notebooks full of my rants and pictures taped inside, glued bits of magazine article or clippings or just odd crap I found someplace....these need to be burnt in order for me to avoid implicating myself in too many criminal acts etc. Really, some of the content made my skin crawl reading it years later, like that fellas journal in red dragon.

On another note-

I think there are quite a great many people living "for the moment" but they are in places like the Congo or perhaps Downtown Baghdad. What makes your attempts meaningful, in my opinion,l is actually your efforts to remove yourself from a society that doesn't want to let anyone go. Worker bees shouldn't think too much(and for good reason my friend), but that is precisely what you are trying to do.

Although it is a cliche by now and perhaps not what YOU mean however I will give the warning anyway:

When you look into an Abyss, the abyss looks back into you.

See, sometimes the cure is worse than the disease, because ignorance really is bliss.

Just food for thought.
I am enjoying this clearly new direction your headed lately though, it is much more congruent with things that I find intriguing.

Juliana said...

this is awesome. happy to hear it.

Venom said...

Wow Martin, how introspective & inspiring.

Have you gotten laid lately man? Because I think you should work on that. Quickly. And then SLOWLY.

katrina kay said...

aw :) i love to see posts like this where people are happppy

btw-- i wanted to ask you a couple of questions. i'd read that camping in national parks is free if you camp at least 3 (or something) miles away from any trail at a national park that camping is free..but everywhere that i went there were signs that said "no camping" i was wondering what the deal is since you seem to have done tons of camping. like, does the free camping rule only apply to places designated "wilderness"? O_O sorry to bug you! if you could email me about it id' really appreciate it

.. :x :D

Martin said...

Allison - Its hard for me too, but I try to single-task as much as possible. If I am eating, I just eat. If I am running, I JUST run.

Jen - 'tis nice. Thanks!

CityGal - Its new for me as well. Thanks.

TT - Indeed

Clara - You SO funny...

Claire - thank you for coming by, and the kind words.

Gaijinass - We already discussed most of this in email, but thanks for your thoughts on this.

JuJu - :)

Venom - If you must no, I have been less than successful in that regard lately. And you are very right. I need to quickly...but skillfully work on that.

Katrina - Just sent you an email