Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shared Post - "On Fidelity"

I just wanted to share this post from my friend, "Barnes," who some of you may recognize as the guy who is always giving me a hard time in the comments section of this blog.

Barnes has been in Tokyo for the last several years and wrote this post on a subject in Japan that is not being covered at the moment.  I found it to be a very powerful read.

On Fidelity


BARNES said...

So, I am the guy "...always giving you a hard time..."

May I get you some cheese with that wine?

haha...thanks for reposting. I had to get all that off my chest. Some people agree and some really dislike the post. I have found the ones that dislike it took it the wrong way or simply totally misunderstood it.


Bryan Schatz said...

I thought it was an excellent post.

Martin said...

Barnes - I had to introduce you somehow, and it certainly wasn't going to be with a compliment.

Bry - Agreed.

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