Friday, February 5, 2010

On Boxing

"I regard boxing professional and amateur, as a vigorous, healthful sport that develops courage, keenness of mind, quickness of eye, and a combativeness that fits every boy who engages in it for the daily tasks that confront him." "It is not half so brutalizing or demoralizing as many forms of big business, and certain legal work that is often carried on to help such business." "I have often thought that if we had more boys' clubs where the art was taught, we would have fewer adolescent criminals, the street-corner type of hoodlum, and would breed a better class of young American citizens - the future voters. Boxing develops elements of character that are difficult to obtain in other sports: fairness, a spirit of give-and-take, courage, and alertness." " It is only the bully who wants to give and avoid the taking. If boxing were taught in every public and secondary school and in college, this nation would soon find it rid of the bullies and would develop in our youth a spirit of manhood, a spirit that teaches fairness to our fellow men. We would be rid of street corner rowdies and cowards and make our boys a better, sturdier, and healthier lot." - President Teddy Roosevelt



Anonymous said...

Awww. You and Paris look like twinsies! Keep up the hard work, kiddo--it's gonna pay off. Despite myself, I'll always be in your corner, rooting for you :)

Cheryl said...

Boxing gave me my first black eye.
Dumb bitch in gym class.

If I ever see her again, I'm knocking her out.

Alison said...

The character building benefits are unquestionable as far as i'm concerned. And obviously the comments apply just as much to the girls as the boys.
But i still say adding in kicks knees and elbows cranks up the fun factor!

Lorien said...

Someone wraps your hands for you? Damn candy-ass boxers!

Anonymous said...

So, are you going to start a fight club when you move to L.A.? Because I'll totally come. I'll even fight.

Also, I just found this: and their events look SWEET.

And if your frog eats my hamster I'll cut off your ear. And I mean that in a violent Reservoir Dogs kind of way. Not a poetic Picasso kind of way.

Matt said...

dude that quote is awesome. Thats why I love PAL's- not sure if you have them where you're at but I used to fight with a PAL club in Denver and they would give us so much money based on attendance everyday.

There is absolutely no doubt that boxing builds character. In most of the fights I was in- there was nothing but respect. touch gloves at the start of the rounds, hug at the end.

Martin said...

Clara - Yeah, we always color-coordinate.

Cheryl - Do it. Ill bet you can find her with your vast internet connections and facebook stalking skills.

Alison - Dont blame me for the inherent sexism of the quote...blame the president.

Lorien - Jealousy.

Vixations - ...Yes ma'am. Ill keep my frog away from your hamster. I like my ears where they are.

Matt - Good quote, huh? Yep, we have PAL's out here as well. Definitely a good program and they do a lot of work with inner-city kids out here in the bay area.