Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Sense of Balance, Shit to do, and the Return of the Bryan

    Whenever I have a fight coming up, any semblance of balance and order in my life falls by the wayside.  I don't have time to do the Morning Pages, which start my day off right.  I don't have time to hang out with friends, or read, or work on various creative goals, etc.  Looking back over the last couple of posts, it's obvious where my mind is at.  That is the way it should be.  When we are focusing on something important that will take all of our mental and physical potential, you owe it to that task to make it your everything for all the time that is necessary.
    That being said, I know I am almost always relieved when I don't have a fight coming up.  I am always glad that I had one, but life is easier when it's over.  Probably more healthy too.  I now have a little over a month left in San Francisco, California.  Not a lot of time, and I feel like I'm in limbo a bit.  Not enough time to start any major projects, but just enough time for me to start getting antsy about the next stage.
    With the time I do have left, I have a quick trip to Vancouver for work, a trip to Southern California for a few meetings and to look for an apartment, and then basically wrapping up my life here.  I want to see a lot of my friends, go on a lot of hikes, write a lot, and see as much of the Bay Area as possible.  I know, Los Angeles isn't THAT far away, but I don't know when I'll be up here again with time to spare.
    In other awesome news, my brother is going to be returning to the motherland after a good long time biking the entire North and South islands of New Zealand, forging knives, and battling natives.  And yes, I'm serious about each and every one of those points.



linda said...

So the brother is rugged too?
AWESOME. It's inspiring to see that you take the time to stay focused. Kudos, Martin

Alison said...

I hope he won, the kiwi's deserve everything they get!

floreta said...

huh, that's kinda hot about your brother.. haha

why are you moving to LA?

Ms. C said...

fighting natives, huh? we'll need to read about that.

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