Thursday, February 4, 2010

Being a Professional

"Don't you understand anything about commitment, about being a pro, about sticking with what you say you wanna be?  You don't do it just when you feel good.  You don't just do it when you're not tired.  You don't do it just when it's sunny.  You do it every day of your life.  You do it when it hurts to do it, when it's the last thing in the world you wanna do, when there are a million reasons not to do it.  You do it because you're a professional."

Teddy Atlas to Michael Moorer



Amanda West said...

I like that. Very motivating. Makes me wanna run outside (it's like the middle of the night here) and scream something.


I need some sleep.

But awesome quote.

linda said...

love this.

Jessica Druck said...

well, now that that kicked my ass into high gear I guess I'll get back to work and off the computer? ha.