Tuesday, May 4, 2010

12 Perfect Things

1. Curtis Mayfield's song, "Moving on Up"
2. Reading in bed
3. Hot outdoor jacuzzi's when it's cold out
4. Lying on the hot sand in the summer
5. English Bulldogs
6. Inside jokes
7. Running during a light rain
8. Starting the day by jumping in the ocean
9. Long bike rides without a destination
10. A cold beer after hot work in the sun
11. "The Last Samurai"
12. Seeing your hard work and persistence actually pay off


Allison said...

This post makes me smile.

I agree with 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (substitue lake for ocean), 9, 10 (substitute beer for older cold alcoholic beverage), and 12!

Allison said...

older = other

You've just been typoed!

Hansoul Kim said...

you've totally inspired me to create a similar post.

Will Conk said...

Hell freaking yes to number 8!

Anonymous said...

11. "The Last Samurai." I mean, I'm pretty sure you can guess what I have to say about that... I do however love, love, love number 9 and would number 8 too, had it read: Ending the day by jumping into the ocean ;)

Ms. C said...

LOVE inside jokes :)

Jamie - a life in translation or whatever said...

Wait, so where is that hot tub located at? The one that's practically inside a glacier?

Because, I'm thinking I should go there, even if I feel as though I'd freeze my balls off. But, wait, I don't have balls! Score! Going.

Kirsty said...

Amen to all of that. Except the running one. What?? Running in all weather is PAINFUL! Not perfect. And I'd have to substitute "The Last Samurai" for "Dances with Wolves", because compared to Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise is a pussy :)

Juliana said...

it was all good till you put up that ginger kid. no lunch for me, thanks a lot.

MissKeyz said...

I like! :) Reminded me of some of the things I like - I almost forgot amongst this crazy busy life...

Lissa said...

Love this. :)

Island Gal said...

Nothing like watching a your favorite TV show with hot chocolate in a cold night....

Btw loved your blog!!

Alison said...

i LOVE running in drizzle, and now i'm also yearning for hot sunny beaches with cold seas, hot jacuzzi's in winter, and when the weather is really blowing a gale - thats when you curl up in bed with a book.
Aaaaah nostalgia...happy days...

Martin said...

Allison - It made me smile to write it.

Hansoul - *taps fingers impatiently* HURRY UP

Will - You know it.

Clara - You and your skinny-dipping

Ms. C - Me too :)

Jamie - Take me with you

Kirsty - Tom Cruise may be a pussy at times, but he absolutely was NOT in "Last Samurai." His character in that movie would make Kevin Costner wash and wax his samurai armor before having him bring him a beer.

Juliana - I understand.

Ms. Keyz - It's easy to forget the good stuff.

Lissa - Good :)

Island Girl - Welcome! And great suggestion.

Alison - Running in a drizzle is amazing. LOVE it.

Andhari said...

I love laying on the beach all day. I so wish I lived closer to the beach :)

Anonymous said...

Running during a light rain
Seeing your Hard Work & Persistence Pay Off

Definitely resonate with me =)

Cool Blog Martin!