Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NaNoWriMo - Day 2

I thought this would be hard, and it's harder than I thought. 2,500 words in and my story is already going all over the place. My characters aren't acting the way they are supposed to, and my plot gets bigger and smaller at the same time. I am also not writing fast enough, due to my desire to edit, erase and change what I have just written.

I need to just let go a bit, word-dump everything for a month, and then pick up the pieces afterward.

No more editing. Even if something new contradicts something old, no more editing.

Word Count: 1,208/2,625


Clara said...

If you can deal with a shitfaced "Amy Winehouse" then a spitting out a novel is a breeze!
Like you said, just write. Stream of consciousness. I too edit as I go along. I even edit to procrastinate from keeping the writing flow going. That's all well and good when you're dealing with under 20 pages, but you've got quite the task ahead.
You can also skip around if that helps. If developing one character or working on a particular part is driving you into a concrete wall, write about another part. Say a love scene (every good novel's gotta have/refer/ellude to one...) or less crucial background information. If you can't decide on details, don't! She was wearing a blue/cerulean/cobalt/navy/teal/ indigo/cyan/sapphire dress. The words add up, your mind is still running with the idea and it'll make editing easier later.
G'luck! The sense of accomplishment when you're done will be tremendous :)

Martin said...

Good suggestions!

I wrote less yesterday than the first two days, but feel a lot better about where the story is going.

It's weird how the characters just take on their own little life and change from the way you had imagined them to go.