Saturday, October 31, 2009

NaNoWriMo - Day 6 Part II

Ok, I am a little ashamed of my pathetic whining below. I will continue on with the same story. One thing that should help is that I can ignore what I have already written. Since I am unsure which direction I want the story to go, I can write different scenarios, conversations, etc. and just scrap the ones I don't like or don't match in the editing process.

As we were then...


gaijinass said...

Do not...I repeat Do not scrap anything. Magic can happen in the editing room. Your not Ernest Hemingway and you are not going to write a Noble Prize winning piece of amazingness in one sitting so just write and dont worry. as I say not as I do. Thats vital here for this bit of wisdom I am trying to impart here to work at all. Jesus I have a rucksack literally FULL of half finished abortions that I once claimed were "stories".

Drive on.

Martin said...

Good call, Erik. Only easy day was yesterday, right?

Bryan said...

Hey, sometimes you'll write something that you think either won't fit in anywhere or just plain sucks, only to find later that it fits perfectly in unexpected ways. Do not scrap anything. writing chronologically is a difficult way to write I think too, I've yet to do that, even with little short stories or articles.

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