Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mission Statement

Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolution:

I will live a life of choice by pausing between stimulus and response to proactively choose a response that is deeply integrated with my recognized principles and values.  In every situation, I increase my ability to act with integrity as I pause to ask with intent, listen without excuse, and act with courage

I seize the day and refuse to waste a single moment that I could otherwise use to better myself or work towards my goals.

I treat people honestly and fairly in all encounters.

I ensure that there is no blunting of passions by excercising a firm, healthy disciple over desires.

I tactfully and respectfully stand up for my beliefs and values, for goodness must have some edge to it, or else it is none.

I will, above all, live with passion and a sense of urgency as I understand that this gift is not promised to be here tomorrow.



Bobby Smith said...

you have come a long way since the D&P days of '05!!!

Tia said...

Well said.

Alison said...

Last sentence 100%. My thoughts exactly.

souljane said...

oh your words are beautiful.

Alison said...

Quite a contrast to the first act of my every morning then... muttered swearing, fumble with the alarm, minor stumbling as i lever myself into some sort of clothing, then finally drag ay arse out for a pitiful run/stagger.

I'm not sure i want to delve onto this any further. It could explain a lot.

Trouble.Thinks said...

Very powerful. I can feel the earth shake.

Amanda West said...

Deep. I should tape that to my bathroom mirror.

Lorien said...

Sense of urgency... wow. I scream that to my squad almost every day. Great words!

Cheryl said...

According to this, I fail at life.

Anonymous said...

And fun. Don't forget the fun.

Martin said...

Bobby - Thanks...I may have been quite the fuckup back then because you're not the first person to say that recently.

Tia - Thanks

Alison - I know you agree with that one. One reason we get along.

Soul Jane - Thank you

Alison - That works too!

Trouble.Thinks - Thanks. Now I just have to live up this stuff.

Amanda - Feel free to use it however it helps

Lorien - Atta Girl

Cheryl - Not at all. Everyone has their own standards. I wouldnt expect you to get behind an idea that doesnt involve starbucks. ;)

Clara - Yeah...that stuff.

Wkonsunshine said...

Very well articulated. Influences of Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning? Wanna come work with me at the Museum? :)

Martin said...

WK - I'm embarrassed to say that I dont understand the reference (Search for Meaning), but I'm going to google it right now. Thanks for commenting.

Martin said...

WK - Woah! This sounds like an amazing book. Im going to see if my library has it. Thanks!