Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hari-Kari & Many Happy Returns

Comrades -

Hail and Good Morrow.

It was not my intent to neglect my duties here, but life is often a troublesome and needy mistress, one who sucks my time and my soul, rapes my energy, and occasionally makes off with most of my money.  Fortunately, she is dynamite in the sack and makes a hell of a sammich.

What news from my corner of the world?  I am glad that you asked.

For one, I am engaging in a battle of wills with my brother at arms (and of blood), and we are in a dead heat in our quest to spend less money than the other on food and strong drink.  As you can see from his post, his spirit is nearly broken, and I am confident that I will have his still-beating heart for breakfast.  His failure will go well with my morning coffee, spritzed with a spoonful of heavy whipping cream, and enjoyed before I dive into my newspaper of choice.

What else, you ask?

I have acquired all needed equipment to begin anew my beer-brewing proclivities, and I may set forth on this quest within the hour, provided that my inner rage does not weaken to a mere simmer.  Far better to let it boil over.

But surely there is more, you may ask.

And again, noble visitor, you would be correct.  My profession has been taxing of late, requiring of 2am conference calls, unpleasant meetings, and stress beyond any previous standard.  I considered ending it all with dignity, seppuku-style, but I reminded myself that a man living the rugged life must see, hear and feel all of the notes of life's song, both the high AND the low, and I am confident that I will come out of this current debacle with straight back, set jaw, and only slightly more bitter than I was before.

Also, while I have not updated this site for too long, I have been word-smithing, and a few of my articles got picked up by the No BS Boxing site, here and here.

But what of fun, of cheer, of debauchery?

Well.  After a short respite from the ring, I have begun again my dedication to the art of fisticuffs, getting back to work, sparring, running, and shadow-boxing until my shadow gets tired.  My co-ed kickball league is off to a glowing start, and while we usually lose, I am meeting men and women of good spirit and kindly nature, and that is the more important of the two.  More importantly, the Papa will arrive this weekend, and we will be sure to properly imbibe of the 3 most important B's, of which the uninitiated will most likely need an explanation.  In short, Beer will be drank, dead animals will be consumed via BBQ, and hot Beaches will be enjoyed.

Love & Peace in the Middle East,



Allison said...

Awe sometimes life does make a damned good sammich :)

citygal said...

Just found your blog - love it! Ok, so this might not be the most important thing in your post, but KICKBALL!!! Um yeah, I just joined a coed team this summer. We are better drinkers than kickballers ;)

Juliana said...

i... feel an urge to stand at my door in full skirt and corset, waving a handkerchief at someone. whilst weeping. i'll just go shower instead.

Anonymous said...

Concur with the troublesome and neediness, resent the mistress personification a tad. Kudos on playing who can be the miserliest miser with your kin, boo on work stress, yay for potentual beer brewing and visits from wise, respectable souls. And always a gold star for kickball shenanigans!
Delightful beauty queen pageant practice with "Love and Peace in the Middle East" ;)

Trouble.Thinks said...

'I reminded myself that a man living the rugged life must see, hear and feel all of the notes of life's song, both the high AND the low' - I freakin' love that Martin! Them are grounding words! May I have your permission to change that to woman and post it in my head? Ha

Bryan Schatz said...

YOU will be consumed. This much i promise. For the rage brewing in the pit of my stomach has now reached a searing apex, steadying my sight and focusing my mind. There will be no exchange of currency from this day forth. And as for our wager, you may now consider it lost.

Martin said...

Allison - Agreed, she does.

City Gal - Thanks for coming by. And kickball is always important. Just drink until your kicking improves.

Ju- Tell me more about you in the skirt and corset.

Clara - if I have caused some resentment, I will consider it a job well-done.

TT - Of course. Use them as you see fit. :)

Bryan - 'tis doubtful.

Bryan Schatz said...

Hoh! What's doubtful is your continued existence on this earth!