Friday, June 11, 2010

Whiskey Dreams, Part Two

Part 2 of a fiction series.  Part 1 is here.

The best way to avoid being called on is to always give the impression that you are paying attention, but don't quite understand. You want to understand; the teacher can tell by your focused and dedicated stare, but unfortunately, you wont be able to come up with the answer this time.  This is obvious from your furrowed brow & confused (but determined!) appearance.

The teacher can sense that here, finally, is a pupil that actually cares. He may not be the most talented student, but that is less important than desire and ambition.  Such a hunger must not be discouraged by repeated failure, but carefully nurtured.  The best way to help this individual learn would be to call on some more naturally intelligent student this time.  When your peer gives the answer, squint for a moment as you work your way through the complex process. Allow your eyes to widen with sudden understanding. You may even nod your head and make a silent "oh," followed by a triumphant smile.  That's if you really want to milk it, but be careful not to overplay your hand. Trust me, this works every time. After a bit of practice, you can go through the entire act without conscious thought.  This leaves your brain free to focus on more interesting subjects.  For me, this usually consisted of the lacy tease of Elena Goodman's thong, peeking out from the top of her low-cut jeans two desks in front of me.  I made it from freshman year of high school through college like this.

Now, the first few weeks of a semester is always a crapshoot.  You may get called on by the teacher as often as anyone else, as he or she has not yet been clued in on how you learn most effectively.  Just remember when this happens that what you need to communicate is earnestness, sincerity, and a heart-felt desire to understand. To your dismay and embarassment, you don't quite get it this time. Convey these qualities in your looks and words, and the situation will work itself out quickly.


Phoenix said...

Ha ha love it! And soooo true

Venom said...

Dammit - and I wasted all that time studying...

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. I knew it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Instead of "Whiskey Dreams," I'm pretty sure this should be "The Diary Of Martin Schatz". And if by "through college" you mean "through NOW," then absolutely! ;)

Martin said...

Phoenix - Glad you like :)

Venom - Now you know.

Dad - Don't's a fiction series!

Anonymous - Nonsense.

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