Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Of Mountains and Bulldogs

This weekend is going to be awesome.  Ted, Clara and I are heading up to Pyramid Peak, the highest point in the Desolate Wilderness.  The decision prompted an ill-advised shopping spree at REI, where I spent a good portion of my yet-to-be-received tax return.  I got some good shit though.  Water-proof boots, snow shoes, long underwear.  All sorts of stuff that will make me look like a lumberjack at worst and a Viking/Ninja/Alpinist at best.

The route is described as the greatest vertical climb in the Tahoe Sierra.  The trek will climb 4,100 feet of elevation in just over 3 miles, and we will get to use the snow-shoes and other bad-assery.  



syleegurl said...

Good luck tackling this killer hike with your soon-to-be-worst-hangover-ever incurred at the much-anticipated goodbye Happy Hour. That's gonna suck. :)

Alison said...

Oooh check out the new look Rugged Life, very swish. Shame to lose the sunset picture but overall, me likey.
Now i like ambition, but since hearing this is the morning after your leaving do, i will like photos even better - and i mean of you in your green nauseus sweating whiskey best, fully zoomed in too. Ted and Clara - please do this for me...

Allison said...

I was fully expecting more about bulldogs in this post.

Only slightly disappointed.

As a Canadian, I must say, it is a proud thing to dress like a lumberjack. All gruff and plaid-like. Ha ha ha.

Juliana said...

please.. can we get a long johns picture?
i already have plans for my refund as well. guess i should file first.

Eric said...

Bull dogs incorporated with Snow shoes mean you simply can not fail. Its an impossibility.

And...people who climb anything less than 12,000 feet without a hangover simply do not impress me at all.

Clara said...

Ah, this is going to be fun! For once you neared the sad condition I usually reach at such events--thank you Susan for organizing! I will be taking lots of pictures, Alison, and the gloating will be unrelenting :)

floreta said...

this sounds awesome! definitely like your new layout too :) cheryl is so l33t

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