Friday, March 19, 2010


You know what my problem is?  How much time you got, buddy?

First and foremost is a lack of consistency.  I throw myself into projects with full force and power to gain some degree of competency.  Once that is reached, I allow mold to grow under my boots as I half-ass it, take days off, or just suffer from a lack of focus.  That all comes down to discipline...or a lack thereof.  How sad.

 It has been said that it is far easier to win a title than to keep it.  That is because it is far easier to sweat and bleed and sacrifice when you have no where to go but up.  Things get harder with success.  For the first time in my life, something breaking or needing to be replaced does not result in a financial emergency.  While I do not slack at work, I do feel that my new-found comfort is leading me to some degree of complacency in other pursuits.  My focus isn't as strong as it should be.  Discipline is lacking.  I procrastinate more, and I am less flexible.  

An example would be in regards to physical conditioning.  If I have a plan to go to the boxing gym for sparring on Thursday, but I get off of work too late to go, I just give a mental "oh well," and go home.'s never too late to go for a run, so what the fuck, right?  It's almost like I am looking for opportunities to get out of doing what I should be doing.  

It's when I start to feel accomplished that I slack.  I need to find a way to keep that whole hippie, zen-like, "beginner mind" thing going.  I have a few ideas to get the pieces turning again:
  • Cancel TV - Actually, just don't get it turned back on when I move to LA
  • Join new gym - This will happen by necessity, but I am seriously looking into changing things up a bit, and getting involved in some form of grappling.  That's a sport I know zero about, and will force me back to the bottom of the social totem pole.
  • Get active in social groups and events - This will let me meet a bunch of new folks down in my new stomping grounds.  Running clubs, Whiskey clubs, and the like.  
  • Get off the internet - Being able to work from home will allow me to use my time a lot better than being chained to a desk for 8 hours straight.  Slowly will wean myself away from facebook-induced ADD.


Cheryl said...


Kirsty said...

Sigh. I can so relate to ALL of this. Cutting down on internet time HAS to happen - next week...

Clara said...

Cutting down the internet time should be key--I don't have a TV and still manage to squander HOURS in the land of Total Unproductivity. Do join social clubs and reconnect with old friends--these all help reduce your online time. And I'm sure they'll do wonders for curtailing your porn addiction! ;)

It's hard to maintain discipline, but I think the new setting will give you the opportunity for a fresh new start. Still the exact opposite of pleased that you're bailing out on us up here, but I do wish you the best. You'll land on your feet just fine, kid. :)

Alison said...

Geez man, hard on yourself much?

As far as training goes, when you achieve one goal, immediately set yourself another, then you are always striving for something and have an aim to pursue. Train with people better than you. I never know enough muay thai. The more i learn, the more i realise i dont know, the better i want to get.

Though your new goals for now sound pretty good. You dont need TV, anything worth watching you can catch up on over the internet. I think i follow 3 programmes a week at the moment totalling 2.5hrs. It fills the free time i have at the wknd and stops me watching mindless drivel just cos its on. And we have TV, i just dont get chance to watch it.

Set limits on internet time, time literally disappears when you're online for no purpose just dithering about. Do what you need to and get off.

New gym, new social groups - you dont have to worry about making friends, you'll find your niche in no time. You're a friendly enough kind of bloke as i recall. And as far as the gym is concerned, you have a face people want to hit, they'll love you.

Andhari said...

Awww the last one is pretty hard. Internet is like a crack to me.

But good luck, do it baby steps so it wont be so hard :)

Venom said...

Visiting from

Thank you Martin for recently signing on as a follower of VENOM, SECRETS & LIES; I appreciate the compliment.

You have such a great way to relating your adventures so that I, as a reader, almost feel included; your great pics add a lot to the tales as well.

Taking time away or limiting online time is healthy for all of us & we shouldn't feel bad when we need a break.

I've read a few blogs that publish quite often (*5-6 days/wk) where it comes across to the reader that the blogger is overworked and could use a vacation from writing.

It's certainly the best time of year to follow your passions; but I still hope you'll have some great adventure that you just HAVE to blog about; I look forward to those times!

I hope you meet lots of cool people to hang out with & have fun. ;-)

Juliana said...

can you write more posts like this? i want to use your energy to address my own shortcomings.

also, cable TV is the devil. cancel it and get a 3-at-a-time netflix subscription and within 2 weeks you'll wonder why the f you ever wasted your time with tv.

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