Monday, March 1, 2010

The World's Bitchiest Real Estate Agent

I had an appointment to check out an apartment in Silver Lake tomorrow morning.  The agent asked me to be sure to let him know if I needed to cancel.  This morning I found an awesome apartment in Santa Monica.  I signed the lease, and when I got back to my car, I had an email from the Silver Lake agent:

Just confirming that our representative will see you at the building at 11AM
Tomorrow (Tuesday 11AM)

Dear XXXX: thanks for the email follow-up. I just signed a lease for an apartment, so will not need the showing tomorrow. Thank you for your time and best of luck in finding a tenant.

I’m glad that “I” emailed you!!  Otherwise we’d be left out to dry!
No, you wouldn't have. I emailed you literally 5 minutes after I left the office and would have called if I didn't get your email. 

Yeah, okay...whatever

Agent (again):
One thing I’ve learned… Or should have known, no exceptions… No favors..
You have to realize that you took a lot of several people’s time.  Endless
Emails, scheduling 3rd parties etc…   Hiring personnel…  It will never happen
So...I really want to punch this guy in the ovaries.  Any lawyers out there know if I would be able to get away with assault in a case like this?  You know, where it is obviously justified?


KLO said...

unbelieveable! the nerve of that guy!

Ms. C said...

i wanna punch him, too. and i never wanna punch anyone. let's write scathing reviews and give him bad press. oh, and egg his car.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure punching a "him" in the ovaries wouldn't hurt a tenth as much as punching him in the nuts...

Agreed on his male pms though! Unfortunately, you can't punch him scott-free (unless you do a run by and no one can identify you...). A bitch like that will definitely cry assault, but a good lawyer and lenient judge could plead it down to a misdemeanor. However, if you lived in Alabama and could some how get a jury to believe you were sufficiently provoked and "fearing for your safety," you'd probably get a medal.
(in a bad case of road rage, one mom shot another through the window of her car and got off!)

I still disapprove of your leaving us here in SF, but I'm glad you found a place in Santa Monica--I like it there :)

linda said...

it surprises me when people in business have no people skills or graciousness. word of mouth is a powerful thing. you should have published his name ;) i half kid.

Erika said...


Lissa said...

I'd shoot him in non-vital parts. >.> But that's just me. Cos I'm violent like that. LOL.

Trouble.Thinks said...

Yeah, that is ridiculous! Oh well, you are the one with the awesome apartment & more class than that fool! Hope the move goes well.

floreta said...

how unprofessional!!

Amanda West said...

He sounds really annoying.

But it takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, I guess.

Cheryl said...

Why does everyone assume that this real estate agent was a guy. Obviously a man would not have ovaries.

Anonymous said...

What a sad individual.