Monday, November 1, 2010

A Case of the Mondays?

I may be the only person I know who likes Mondays.  They are kind of like mini versions of New Years Day, a fresh start to work on your resolutions and goals for the week, month and year. And they come more often, so if you screw up, as I inevitably do, another Monday is coming around the corner shortly. 

Sunday evening is usually spent planning out the coming week.  I go through my in-boxes, both real and virtual, scan my lists of plans, goals, dreams, etc. and put together as much of a schedule as possible.  I will clean up my desk, get my email folders down to zero, and generally start the week with as much of a clean slate as I can.  This way, Monday is fairly stress-free.  Yes, it is a rude and sudden jolt back to reality from the weekend, but I do what I can to minimize how hard the landing will be. 


pinkjellybaby said...

I don't mind Tuesday, that's a different matter.

Allison said...

Wow - I had no idea you were so organized! That's amazing. My days are always poorly planned and either boring or chaotic.

I also don't mind Mondays (at least now I don't) Because Monday is my day off - or at least it has been for the past few weeks.

Emily said...

As a student all of my days seem to blur into one, I hate Wednesdays though that's probably because I work until 3am!

Michelle... said...

Perhaps if I liked my job and/or was not a disorganized procrastinator...

Clara said...

You know, that is a good attitude! I usually try to get my shit together at the beginning of every month, but I like the idea of having mini-resets and chances to start anew every week, especially considering I am who I am... ;)

Happy Monday, Martin :)

icedjasminetea said...

Like you, I see Mondays as a fresh start so I'm a fan of what you do. I usually prep for Monday on Sunday evenings by setting personal goals for the week, reviewing the goals I set for the past week, decluttering, etc. I even try to wake up early on Mondays a la

Venom said...

You start your Monday on Sunday... we are so different.
Sunday nights in my house are set aside for snuggling on the couch watching The Amazing Race and pretending that, if I were an american, I'd be racing right out there in front.
Monday mornings I try to sleep in. ZZZZZZZZZ

Riley Carson said...

Your optimism.

It sickens me.

Annabelle said...

Are we... the same person?

I love Mondays for that reason, and I spend Sundays doing the same thing. I LOVE the beginning of the month though. Fresh start all around.

Martin said...

PJB - I start losing steam Wednesday or Thursday

Allison - I love having days off during the typical "work week." You get to run all your errands while everyone else is at the office. Grocery shopping is much easier to deal with without the crowds. :)

Emily - 3am work days are certainly reason enough to hate.

Michele - Certainly couldnt hurt :)

Clara - Happy Monday to you, Clara. SF! SF! SF!

Iced Jasmine Tea - It sounds like youre better at this than me...

Venom - "The Amazing Race" makes me want to shoot myself in the forehead...but Im happy youre happy :)

Riley - You know you like it.

Annabelle - I love it when the first of the month starts on a Monday. LIKE NOVEMBER 2010!

Alison said...

I'm flabbergasted. Actually nearly speechless. This is how you spend your Sunday evenings? And you think this is normal?

Going through your inboxes so you don't have to do this on Monday? Sounds a lot like starting work on a Sunday to me so completely against my principles.

And you have lists of 'plans, goals, dreams etc' already done and just lying around to skim through? A-ma-zing. And I spend my sunday nights doing anything and everything to try and forget that I've got work the next day.

And I would think that this was just one of your weird little habits but look at the comments! You're not on your own! I never knew people like this existed. And I don't hate work (all of the time) but good god I don't let it impinge on my weekends, they're sacred.

This is probably how you're nation became great...on a sunday night...

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