Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Profile of Pat Tillman - "Where Men Win Glory"

When I first started "This Rugged Life," I promised "interviews, analysis, and reviews of people, events and ideas that push the limits of our mind and body."  That has sometimes (almost always) taken a backseat to my narcissistic urge to write about my own thoughts, ideas and adventures.  That is something of a shame, as there are a huge number of people who are living the kind of life that I merely aspire to.

One such individual was Pat Tillman, the man who gave up a lucrative and comfortable life as a professional football player to enlist in the Army after the 9-11 attacks on New York City.  While this kind of courage and patriotism would be impressive enough by itself, I am even more fascinated by the way Tillman lived his life up until that pivotal decision.  Fiercely loyal, passionate, and a man strong in both mind and body, there is much to be admired in Pat Tillman.

There is something of the modern "Renaissance Man" in Tillman.  He was a voracious reader, but suspicious of any spoon-fed information.  His refusal to accept other people's opinions as his own led him to sharply question the invasion of Iraq months and years before it became popular and socially acceptable to do so.  Tragically, Tillman was gunned down by his fellow soldiers in a case of fratricide during a firefight in Afghanistan. The politics and secrecy that follow his accidental death will infuriate the reader.

Tillman is captured faithfully by his biographer, Jon Krakauer, the author who wrote "Into the Wild," and "Into Thin Air."  "Where Men Win Glory - The Pat Tillman Odyssey," is an excellent mix of a wildly interesting subject matched with an extremely talented author.  If you have not read this book, you should. 


k.c. said...

pat was one of my companies clients before i worked there....and a good friend of my brother's best friend who played football with him at ASU.... amazing man... nice props :)

although i rather like your narcissistic urge...or at least the thoughts that come from it :)

Claire Kiefer said...

My list of books to read is growing rapidly. Your review is compelling!

"M" said...

I have heard from a couple of people that this book is a good read. After your well thought-out review, I will be sure to get it.

Martin said...

KC - Woah, thats cool! Did you read this book? If so, do you think it was an accurate portrayal of him?

I'm glad you like the narcissism...I dont see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Claire - Thanks Claire. I would strongly recommend this one.

M - Good :)