Sunday, November 7, 2010

Money Well Spent

As a general rule, I do not like to spend money.  I do not have any particularly expensive hobbies, am pretty anti-materialistic in terms of clothing, cars, furnishings and other trappings.  That being said, there are some things that I have purchased over the years that I am 100% glad that I did.  One thing I did notice is that these mostly involved "experiences" rather than "things."  It certainly makes me consider carefully where I want to spend my money in the future, where I get personal value, and what types of things I later consider "wasteful."

In no particular order, here are the best expenditures that I have spent or spend money on.
  • PRK Eye Surgery - I have worn glasses and contacts since the 5th grade, and my eyes worsened all the way through College.  My vision was poor enough to require glasses/contacts immediately upon waking, and then throughout the day.  The loss of a contact was a major emergency, and I was always getting them knocked out while boxing.  Earlier this year I had corrective eye surgery.  My vision is now 20-15, I don't have to deal with contacts, eye solution, glasses or annual exams.  Great use of money.
  • Trip to Thailand & Cambodia - I met my brother and his girlfriend in Bangkok, Thailand last November.  It was the first time traveling internationally with my brother, and it was money well-spent.  We went snorkeling in Koh Chang, saw Angkor Wat, kicked around in Phom Phenh, visited Lumpini Stadium, the mecca of Muay Thai, and generally had an amazing time.  This trip would have been worth it if it had cost twice as much.
  • Annual AAA Membership - Less exciting, but my AAA membership is the best deal for anything that I have ever come across.  At just over $100 a year, I get roadside service, free towing, and I get to skip the DMV.  If I use the service just once a year, it pays for itself.
  • Gym Dues at Wild Card Boxing Gym - While I pay a decent amount of money each month to train at this world famous gym, I have an excellent coach, train alongside famous professionals and top-level amateur fighters, and get excellent sparring.  It is actually rare that I spar with someone more than once or twice, just because there are so many people coming through the gym that you are constantly getting new and different competition.
There are certainly more, but these are the ones that come to mind immediately.

What do you spend your money on?  What do you feel is money well-spent, and what do you consider wasted purchases?


Allison said...

Jeez, Martin - You're making me feel like a wasteful spender.

Um, I am glad I spent money on my education - even though it hasn't paid off for me yet (no flashy job) but I don't regret my 4 years at University.

I live in Canada where it is cold, so I don't regret buying a good winter coat.

I also don't regret buying my Macbook 3 years ago. It might play a role in my internet addiction, but I love it. She's my baby.

Wasteful spending...I'm a girl...and though I'm not as girlie as some, I still buy a lot of stupid things I don't need. Do I need 5 purple eyeshadows? Probably not. Do I need a dress I'll only wear once? I feel like a loser just typing that. Sorry for that girlie moment, won't happen again (or not for a while).

Anonymous said...

Ditto on trips to Thailand being money well spent. As for your gratuitous bit about cars, hasn't the only kind you've driven for the last decade been a BMW... Not that I'll complain. They're great cars and they run well, but, there are less materialistic vehicles that fit that description... Kisses!!

linda said...

money well spent so far:
trips and food
event tickets
food, food, food.

and i mostly spend money on food and i've decreased my spending on clothes but every now and again i can't help myself. also spend money on movie tickets and coffee!

katrina kay said...

i like to buy a bunch of "stuff" too, but AAA is a must have for sure

Trouble.Thinks said...

Those are good ones! I just spent a whack of money on my cat's vet bill but it was definitely worth spending! Money well spent to me is anything involving time with those near & dear to your heart... whether it's going out for dinner or flying back home across the rockies. Wasted purchases are all those little things that add up, that you could have prevented. A latte you could have made a home but you end up buying as you're running late, etc...I do that alot, but can't seem to get up any earlier!

Alison said...

I spend money on travel trips and food. Basically I live pretty bloody frugally all year round so I can go on a cool trip somewhere amazing at least once a year. And I don't scrimp on food. Not that I eat out very often but i'll buy the good ham off the bone, decent cheese, proper fresh bread and all that. So very worth it.
As a general rule I'm too tight fisted to buy overpriced coffees, sandwiches etc. It's a rip off and I make better myself. Fact.

Annabelle said...

I have to echo Allison on education!

Also: my apartment and all of the expenses involved with my moving here. Sorry to be a cheeseball, but you can't put a price tag on living out your dreams.

Michelle... said...

Travel is always money well spent in my book.

Anonymous said...

Travel is obviously my favorite way to spend cash. That does not mean however, that I have not made some incredibly ridiculous purchases in the past. These include but not limited to:

1. A Bon Jovi purse on ebay I have not worn once in the five years since purchasing.
2. A sequence/spandex unitard with stirrups I was convinced would someday find a purpose. It hasn't.
3. A peacock feather headdress bought entirely for the purpose of convincing my mother I was joining a Slavic tribe.